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Birmingham Vending
Nationwide Distributors of Coin Operated Equipment Since 1931

Panther ZD-11x







Valley’s flagship Panther ZD-11X™ electronic table adds versatile and friendly programmable features to the attractive looks of the ZD-11 Valley Panther Pool Table. The upgraded battery, charger and bill acceptor bring longer life, faster charges and improved reliability. Our software incorporates a one-touch battery test feature, an industry-leading League Dues management software, expanded accounting options, and even more Happy Hour, time play and bonus pricing choices. The 5-bolt dual density cushions, Valley Ultra cloth and the perfectly-balanced Saluc ball are all designed to improve playability…and profitability.


$8085.00  (88)
$8245.00  (93)
$8395.00 (101)



  • League function now allows the table to collect League dues – no lost envelopes
  • Software allows for more pricing options than ever
  • Accounting and Auditing functions help Operators find what options were most popular in the location.
  • USB Printer expandability
  • Fully self-contained MEI $1-$20 bill acceptor for increased profits
  • Cardreader available
  • PayRange compatibility
  • 18-amp system holds charges longer and accepts a full charge in a few short hours.
  • Built-in Battery protection software limits the chance of battery damage.
  • Battery and charger located behind easy-access oversized clean-out door, away from secure cash-box area.
  • Export capability from the factory. Software allows for adjustable base coins. The Panther ZD-X can travel worldwide without board or software changes


  • 3/4" Seven-ply solid-core plywood cabinet
  • Quality Imported Slate
  • Side-by-side and end-to-end slate support
  • Solid poplar hardwood cushion rails and top rails
  • Coin chute housing, breaks away without costly cabinet damage, replaces easily
  • 5-bolt threaded-insert Panther Rail system eliminates dead spots
  • One piece ball collector with chalk relief, quieter with no hang ups


  • Magnetic Cue Ball separator without moving parts uses a cue ball the EXACT SAME SIZE AND WEIGHT as the object balls
  • Dual-bolt magnet holder for improved reliability
  • Valley exclusive Dual-Density cushion rail rubber by D&R Championship – for responsiveness and accuracy 
  • Diamond markers, permanently printed and coated with clear melamine layer
  • Valley Teflon Ultra cloth by Championship resists spills and looks better, longer
  • Adjustable coin slot, Factory set to $1 play
  • Coin counter on door for improved visibility
  • PATENTED Flush-mount corner castings and coordinating down corners
  • Flush-mount rubber pocket liners, removable with 2 surface-flush fasteners
  • Rich Highland Maple wood laminate
  • Black-laminate top rails with high-visibility white sights
  • Proudly built in Richland Hills TX USA



Panther ZD-11X (Highland Maple):

  • Model #DBCHMMEI
    • L: 88”
    • W: 50”
    • H: 31”
    • Weight: 652 lbs
  • Model #DBBHMMEI
    • L: 93”
    • W: 53”
    • H: 31”
    • Weight: 710 lbs
  • Model #DBAHMMEI
    • L: 101”
    • W: 56”
    • H: 31”
    • Weight: 865 lbs
  • 3/4” slate on CPC and CPB, 7/8” slate on CPA

Panther ZD-11X (Black Cat):

  • Model #DBCRGMEI
    • L: 88”
    • W: 50”
    • H: 31”
    • Weight: 652 lbs
  • Model #DBBRGMEI
    • L: 93”
    • W: 53”
    • H: 31”
    • Weight: 710 lbs
  • Model #DBARGMEI
    • L: 101”
    • W: 56”
    • H: 31”
    • Weight: 865 lbs
  • 3/4” slate on BPC and BPB, 7/8” slate on BPA



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