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 Rockin' Bowl-O-Rama



NAMCO AMERICA INC. teams up with Andrew Pines and Cosmodog, Ltd. to bring you ROCKIN’ BOWL O RAMA, a brilliant bowling themed video game.

“This cabinet is designed to change the perception of the coin-op game in a location,” states Frank Cosentino, VP of Sales and Marketing for NAMCO AMERICA INC.  “I believe that this cabinet will open up new location possibilities for operators by appealing to locations that are tired of the 80’s styled box.  At the absolute minimum, this will give the operator better real estate within his existing locations.  Instead of being trapped in the back, locations will want this front and center where all the customers can see and play it.  The game has outstanding graphics and game play. The cabinet draws them in and then the software takes over. This is the most fun you can have bowling without lacing up your bowling shoes. “

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The cabinet features a 3” trackball and four buttons; Start/reset, instant replay, score sheet and a jukebox button.  The start/select button starts the game, allows players to make their selection and resets the ball on the approach.  Players can view a slow motion replay of the last shot using the instant replay button.  The score sheet button brings up the game’s score sheet.  The jukebox button jostles the jukebox and causes the current track to cancel and a new tune to start.

Players select from a collection of four bowling games: Regulation, Trick Shot, Blackjack Bowling, or Ten Pin Poker.  One to four players can complete in all the various games.

The regulation ten pin bowling game-play is identical to standard bowling…. without the stinky shoes!  Trick Shot Bowling is like playing Horse on a bowling lane. It allows players to test their skill or compete with others by choosing from a series of difficult spare conversions and trick shots.  Ten Pin Poker is played like regulation bowling but with every strike or spare the player receives a card.  The player with the best poker hand at the end of the game wins. In Blackjack Bowling the players pin count becomes their Blackjack card. Players get three full racks of ten pins and challenges them to knock down a total of 21 pins without busting.

The physics of the game are very close to bowling in the real world.  The lane is oiled with a typical oil pattern, which allows hooking…more oil on the section of the lane near the approach, less near the pins.  To throw a straight ball a player simply lines up the shot by rolling the track ball left or right on the approach then rolling forward to release the ball.  To throw a hook the player lines up the shot on the approach, then pulls back to start the ball spinning, a ring of stars appears to help indicate how fast the ball is spinning and at what angle.  This simulates the spin put on a ball in real-world bowling to create hook.  Rolling the trackball left or right sets the angle of the spin; more spin is achieved by pulling back further.  When the ball is released it will slide and go straight on the oily part of the lane then as it reaches the drier part of the lane it will catch and start to curve in the direction of the spin.  Finesse is far more important than power in this game.

The pin action uses a highly detailed physics model of real-world bowling.  When a ball just grazes past a pin the pin wobble and rotate, just as it would in the real world.

ROCKIN’ BOWL O RAMA’s jukebox is loaded with records.  When the game starts the jukebox randomly selects a record and starts playing.  If the jukebox button is pressed the jukebox is “bumped” and the current record stops playing and a new one is randomly picked and started.

Dimensions:  63" H x 31" W x 33" D x 440 lbs.

Power Requirement : 300 watts


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